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Scripts to delete outlook emails has an overwhelming number emails and deleting them using rules is challenging. Notably, the online filter of can only loads a maximum of 1000 emails. Therefor I have to use scripts (like VBA scripts) to delete them. Below is the script that selects all the unread emails before a given date and deletes them.

Rendering CSV as Markdown table in Mkdocs Material

Markdown table is not easy to write in IDE. So I want to write CSV and render it as Markdown table. Previously I used a pre-build script during CICD time to convert CSV to Markdown table, and referenced it as --8<-- "". But it's not convenient to preview the result locally. So I want to find a way to render CSV as Markdown table in Mkdocs Material directly.

Python local version identifiers

Python local version identifiers are used to distinguish between different builds of the same version of a package. They are used to indicate that a package has been modified in some way from the original source code, but should still be considered the same version.

Some nice cicd bash common scripts

During CICD, we often have a large log output, it might be nice to have some common scripts to help us to format the log output, so that we can easily find the information we need.

Recently, when working with Sonar, I found that they have some scripts for such output formatting.