Use python tabulate module to create tables

Updated: July 28, 2018  |  1 minute read

If you want to create some tables from a python list, you can use the tabulate module, it can generate the table easily in text mode and in many formats, than you can past it into markdown, wiki files or add the print version to your python CLI in order to give a beautiful output to the CLI users.

Install python tabulate module

> pip install tabulate

How to use tabulate

The official doc has already included nearly everything

How to print in markdown, rst, wiki, html formats

For rst, wiki, html formats, the official doc has already clealy given it, but for markdown, it’s not mentioned. After the test, the "pipe" format from PHP Markdown Extra is comptiable to markdown.

file tabulate format (tablefmt)
rst “rst”
markdown “pipe”
mediawiki “mediawiki”
html “html”

Html code can be injected into Markdown file.

Visualize all the formats

from tabulate import tabulate

format_list = ['plain', 'simple', 'grid', 'fancy_grid', 'pipe', 'orgtbl', 'jira', 'presto', 'psql', 'rst', 'mediawiki', 'moinmoin', 'youtrack', 'html', 'latex', 'latex_raw', 'latex_booktabs']

# Each element in the table list is a row in the generated table
table = [["spam",42],["eggs",451],["bacon",0]]
headers = ["item", "qty"]

for f in format_list:
    print("\nformat: {}\n".format(f))
    print(tabulate(table, headers, tablefmt=f))

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