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Azure pipeline delete blobs from blob storage#

The example given by this post is for Azure Pipeline with the latest Ubuntu agent, for AzCli from local machine, removing the --auth-mode login part should work.

As it's a Linux pipeline agent, the pipeline task AzureFileCopy can not be used, it's written in Powershell, we should use the AzureCLI task instead.

Working example#

Suppose we have following use case:

type value
storage account name sto
container name con
blob 1 path in blob storage folder/sub_folder/blob1
blob 2 path in blob storage folder/sub_folder/blob2
blob 1 path in local machine local_folder/local_sub_folder/blob1
blob 2 path in local machine local_folder/local_sub_folder/blob2

The virtual folder folder/sub_folder/ has only 2 blobs as shown in the above table.

Hereunder the Azure Pipeline code to delete existing files from folder/sub_folder/ in the Azure blob storage and than upload all the local files from local_folder/local_sub_folder/ to folder/sub_folder/:

- task: AzureCLI@2
  displayName: Az File Copy to Storage
    azureSubscription: $(serviceConnection)
    scriptType: bash
    scriptLocation: inlineScript
    inlineScript: |
      az config set extension.use_dynamic_install=yes_without_prompt

      echo "##[command]Getting existing_files"
      existing_files=$(az storage fs file list \
        --auth-mode login \
        -f con \
        --account-name sto \
        --path $folder_path | jq)
      echo -e "existing_files:\n$existing_files"

      echo "##[command]Stating delete"
      echo $existing_files | jq .[].name -r | while read file ; do \
        az storage blob delete \
        --auth-mode login \
        -c con \
        --account-name sto \
        -n "$file" ; \

      echo "##[command]Starting update-batch"
      az storage blob upload-batch \
        --auth-mode login \
        --destination con \
        --account-name sto \
        --destination-path $folder_path \
        --source "local_folder/local_sub_folder"

      echo "##[command]Listing files after upload"
      az storage fs file list \
        --auth-mode login \
        -f con \
        --account-name sto \
        --path $folder_path


Should not use failOnStandardError: true with AzureCLI as the commands az config set and az storage blob upload-batch send both messages to stderr.

Failed with az storage azcopy blob delete#

The best way to delete bunch of blobs is az storage azcopy blob delete -c con --account-name sto -t folder/subfolder --recursive. But if you use --account-key for auth, it's currently not available as az storage account keys list --account-name sto with current version (v2.41.0) of azure-cli delivered by Azure Pipeline agent has a bug like this: AttributeError: module '' has no attribute 'ActiveDirectoryPropertiesAccountType' or this: AttributeError: module '' has no attribute 'ListKeyExpand'. So we should use other auth methods like SAS token or connection string pre-populated in KeyVault.

Downgrading the azure-cli version inside AzureCLI during Azure pipeline might work, but not tested.


az storage azcopy blob delete --account-key works from local machine if it's not the buggy version installed.

Failed with az storage blob delete-batch#

az storage blob delete-batch -s con --account-name sto --delete-snapshots include --dryrun --pattern "folder/subfolder/* could work only in case there're not many blobs inside the container con, otherwise this command using --pattern (with Python fnmatch behind the scenes) will pending for a long time.