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Azure pipeline checkout repository from another project


This post can be an extend to my previous post on variables and templates reuse

In fact, in addition to the variables and templates, I also need to reuse some non native Azure pipeline yaml files, for example some Python scripts defined in the shared template. If we use the same technic shown by the previous blog, the pipeline will throw error saying that it cannot find the Python script. This is because we need to checkout the remote repository at first before using the native pipeline yaml files.

Migrate Gitlab in docker

This post will walk you through the steps to migrate Gitlab from one docker container to another. The steps need you to know how to install a new Gitlab container and how to backup and restore Gitlab container, because the migration is just a restoration of a backup to another container.

Update Gitlab in docker

Gitlab has several methods to update to newer version depending on the type of the original installation and the Gitlab version. This post will show you the way for docker version of Gitlab, which is the simplest among others.