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Update Gitlab in docker

Gitlab has several methods to update to newer version depending on the type of the original installation and the Gitlab version. This post will show you the way for docker version of Gitlab, which is the simplest among others.

Terminate Powershell script or session

I always asked myself how to terminate a Powershell script or session, each time I needed to do some tests by myself and also searched on Google. But I could never remember it. So I would like to take this post to note it down, the next time I need to terminate, just need to come back to here.

Install Gitlab-CE in Docker on Ubuntu

Gitlab-CE (Community Edition) is a completely free and powerful web-based Git-repository manager with wiki, issue-tracking and CI/CD pipeline features, using an open-source license, developed by GitLab Inc. There're already many much better docs on the net, I've never worked with Docker and Linux before, so I wrote this post to save my way to install the Gitlab docker version on Ubuntu, the post is more or less for personal purpose.

Use Powershell to manage Windows Scheduled Task

A recent project made me to use the Windows scheduled task to execute periodically some python scripts. After the project, I find using Powershell to manage the Windows scheduled task is not so straightforward, that's why I opened this post to share my experience on some common usage, and hope this can save your time if you also need to use it.

Use python tabulate module to create tables

If you want to create some tables from a python list, you can use the tabulate module, it can generate the table easily in text mode and in many formats, than you can past it into markdown, wiki files or add the print version to your python CLI in order to give a beautiful output to the CLI users.