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Azure pipeline delete blobs from blob storage

2 minute read

The example given by this post is for Azure Pipeline with the latest Ubuntu agent, for AzCli from local machine, removing the --auth-mode login part should w...

Azure pipeline predefined variables

2 minute read

The official doc gives an explanation of all the predefined variables, but it lacks of some concret examples. Hereunder some examples for my preferred variab...

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Setting up WSL

less than 1 minute read

Setting up WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

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SQLAlchemy mixin in method

less than 1 minute read

Share common methods across SQLAlchemy db model classes by using mixin.

Git Cheat Sheet

5 minute read

Some personal often forgotten git commands.

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Migrate Gitlab in docker

4 minute read

This post will walk you through the steps to migrate Gitlab from one docker container to another. The steps need you to know how to install a new Gitlab c...

Terminate Powershell script or session

4 minute read

I always asked myself how to terminate a Powershell script or session, each time I needed to do some tests by myself and also searched on Google. But I co...

Setup HTTPS for Gitlab

6 minute read

Setup a SAN SSL certificate to use the HTTPS on Gitlab-CE in docker on Ubuntu server.

Use python tabulate module to create tables

1 minute read

If you want to create some tables from a python list, you can use the tabulate module, it can generate the table easily in text mode and in many formats, ...

Git untrack submodule from git status

1 minute read

submodule folders cannot be added into .gitignore file to untrack them from git status, we will use ignore=dirty to ignore it

Git alias

less than 1 minute read

Some useful alias which make your Git life happier.

Powershell stop-parsing (--%)

3 minute read

Use Powershell stop-parsing (--%) to treat the remaining characters in the line as a literal.

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